Project Cleanup - April 5, 2016

This website has seen spam galore! 460,000 LitlURLs have been created in 7 years' time. That's an average of 180 / day. Most come from bots since I allow automated submissions. Periodic massive sweeps have cleaned out much of the detritus of spam links. I've learned a little in the process. 1) How *many* sites are compromised, and 2) what they want to sell you -- cheap pharmaceuticals.

Right now, the database is down to only just under 63,000 links! You can see the last 20 URLs submitted by "real" users here.

Downtime - September 16, 2009

Believe it or not, a FedEx truck tore the internet cable right off the telephone poles, causing yesterday's downtime of nearly 8 hours! Read about it

Six months of service - September 15, 2009 has been operating for six months now. The DB has close to 9,500 LitlURLs. We're looking to soon hit the 10,000 link mark!

8,000 links - July 3, 2009

The database now contains 8,000 LitlURLs. Happy Independence Day!

Humble beginnings - March 25, 2009

Started just 11 days ago, already has 777 links in the database!


Terms of use

You are granted normal use of translating long web URLs into short URLs through this service. Any attempt to translate links of an illegal nature will be removed immediately. This service may not be used to translate URLs with the intent of spam or any illegal activity.